Fidget Spinner Accessories

No matter how fun these innovative stress relief products can be, knowing the details of it and its accessories is important to keep ourselves from getting affected from the harmful end of these products. In fact, this applies for all the products, not only these stress-relief ones. Let us take a look at the details of one of the trend-setting products. In this article, we will be talking about the accessories of the most trending toy of 2017, the fidget spinner. We will get in to all kinds of fidget spinner accessories and will try to give a brief overview.

Fidget spinners are the new trendsetting toys specially designed for children and adults with autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety and for shedding even mere fidgeting habits like nail-biting or desk drumming.  Moreover, people who are looking forward to quitting undesirable habits like smoking can also experiment with this toy to help keep them busy. Users can playfully rotate these spinners across their fingers and enjoy the pleasant sensory experience along with increased focusing and concentration ability.

The phenomenon of this therapeutic toy was introduced in the recent years with very few variants in the market. Nowadays, a vast multitude of fidget spinners varying in shapes, sizes, colors and material composition have been introduced by various brands. Today lots and lots of people are trying to get their hands on this creative and entertaining toy. But most of them are only restricted to the entertaining element and not the various aspects of it. Apart from being familiar with the therapeutic toy and its uses, users must also know about the various accessories and parts of a fidget spinner which would help them replace it in the case of a damage. Below mentioned are some of the fundamental accessories and information regarding diverse parts of the trendsetting toy- fidget spinner.  

Fidget spinner bearing

Bearings were originally created for incorporation into skateboards. Basically, it is a small metal ring that connects the wheel and axle part in a skateboard. But apart from being solely used in skateboards, they are used in fidget spinners as well. The bearings mainly comprise of two rings- a smaller and a bigger one. Sandwiched between the rings are a set of ball bearings. The ball bearings roll inside the metal track between the rings. Consequently, the two rings are able to move independently of each other. This independent moving action facilitates rolling in skateboards and spinning in fidget spinners. Thanks to inline skate and ball bearings, the fidget spinners are able to spin up to a good 2 minutes time duration and even more.  With increased duration of sustained spins, users can even experiment with tricks. Apart from different brands of fidget spinner bearings available in the market, there are a multitude of sizes available for the same as well. Typically, the size ‘608’ is commonly used for a bearing and the dimensions of the 608 fidget spinner bearing commonly being 22mm, 8mm and 7mm in total diameter, bore and width respectively. However, apart from the ‘608’ bearing, there is another size namely R188 size which offers much more superior and longer spin duration. Encompassing a diameter of 12.7 mm and a bore of 6.35 mm, the R188 sized bearing offers longer spins as compared to its counterparts. Apart from being available in various sizes, the spinner bearings come in all-metal, all-ceramic as well as hybrid body variations. Some of these bearings may or may not be pre-lubed varying across different models.

Finger paddings/finger caps

Finger paddings are a great boon since it facilitates a faster spin and prevents the user’s fingers from getting hurt and bruised while spinning. Depending on the thickness of the cap, users will be able to build up high performance eventually and experiment with tricks. These finger paddings/caps are engineered in ways to provide a snug fit for the user’s fingers and even glue it into an appropriate place. There are cap designs which are perfectly compatible with 608 sized finger bearings. Before purchasing finger paddings/caps, the potential buyers must look for flexible and durable material. Other than this, they must also check that the finger caps aren’t slippery and loose. This would ensure that paddings last longer and do not wear out with time and also stretch with changing biological growth. Along with this, companies offer different colors of finger paddings for personalized looks. Moreover, these are available in aluminum, brass and even stainless steel so that users’ can choose the appropriate one according to the grip they are looking for. Apart from protecting the user’s fingers, these finger paddings do a decent job of enhancing the look, performance and feel of the fidget spinner. These finger caps/paddings are generally removable and can be changed according to user’s requirements and needs.

Pouches for carrying your fidget spinners

Certain brands in the market offer complimentary personalized pouches with a variety of artistic designs and logos so that adults and children can conveniently carry the toy to their workplace or even school. People with special needs who have a hard time taking care of their belongings can use this pouch to carry the therapeutic toy around which would help them keep track of it in a better manner. Thus, one no longer has to worry about losing their fidget spinners here and there.

Tools and apparels

A keychain bearing tool is designed in a way to ensure easy tightening and loosening of threaded bearing lock depending upon the user’s requirements. There are certain specific models of keychain bearing tools that are successfully compatible with almost all bearing retention systems in the market.  


A great way to shed all the bad habits of nail biting, pen-clicking, desk-drumming and even smoking along with assisting adult and kids with underlying disorders of autism, depression, traumatic disorders, obsession and compulsion disorders, fidget spinners are a great gift. Be it to kill boredom or even excite the creative bones in one’s body, this therapeutic toy offers its users every bit of pleasure and entertainment.