Fidget Spinners On Amazon

Fidget Spinners have been a new found teenage attraction lately. Not just teenagers but also with many adults are using it. Everybody is in love with these tweak things keeping people’s’ hands occupied. Well it sounds as if people didn’t keep themselves occupied earlier, but as crazy as it sounds, they are the next real thing and every one is going crazy over them.

But many who have less or zero acquaintance with teenagers won’t even know what a fidget spinner is. Just for the people who strive for knowledge and don’t know what the fidget spinner is yet, let’s discuss more about fidget spinners and eventually back at topic or let’s just make the both ends meet the halfway.

What is a Fidget Spinner?

Well everyone would be familiar with the word fidget. It means to ‘move around nervously without any intent’. That’s what it is about. It just spins and spins and spins and spins again for a period lasting up to a beautiful four to five minutes. It stops and you are free to get it spinning again. That is a fidget spinner in a nutshell. It comes in variety of shapes and forms but the basic one is with three spanned wings. You can ask for more if you pay more.


It’s not the origin of word fidget but a most probable source of its invention. Though its still not clear but you are out of options too. Many of the international news firms traced it back to one single person who can be correlated to this crazy trendsetter toy, which has taken the world for a spin. It shouldn’t be coming as a surprise that the story has clouds of controversy all around which is usual to any international phenomenon. Let’s hear out the story.

The search for the inventor of this product was concluded at the door step of one Mrs. Catherine Hettinger. The story further continues as she prepared such toys for her younger daughter to play with as much entertainment as possible. She wasn’t able to play with her younger daughter for some causes which follow.

The story got a sad turn too. Then 42, now 62 Mrs. Catherine Hettinger suffered from a neuromuscular disease called Myasthenia Gravis. It is a muscular disorder which weakens the sufferer as every day passes on. She puts it as, she started doing it with paper and stuff at start and her younger daughter loved those. It was just fun but later on she started modelling it as per the purpose it needed to be.

Then one day she thought of making it big still suffering from financial crises. She remodeled and redesigned them to be made of plastic and then started showing them off in various trade shows. She worked hard to sell a few thousand of its products and then the major idea of applying for patent stuck. Developed in mid 90’s she applied for its patent in the year of 1997. So on so good.

It was all made in her laundry room. The main event came around in the year of 2005 when the internationally acclaimed toy manufacture approached her to license her patented toy to sell under their name into the world markets. But Catherine still suffering from financial woes was unable to pay the patent renewal fee of USD400 those days and the deal was struck off and she missed the golden opportunity. Those into intellectual property rights would know what a patent renewal fee is. It’s merely a sum of money you pay to the authority to keep the patent to yourselves and not open to market to be claimed by another.

How Did Spinners Become a 2017 Trend?

Yes, it is the best toy trend for the year 2017 yet. A product which was out of fame and was never discovered in last twenty years how did it become an overnight trend? That’s something which calls for a study and needs to be traced and tracked to its roots.

It was in the early last year that the product was seen at first on a website called Etsy. Etsy is an online platform for the inventors to showcase their goods and sell them for a good return. Well it was spotted but had nothing to do with Catherine’s patented toy. It used a total different mechanism and shape too yet it didn’t see the light of the day.

Speaking of Google Searches the data has almost zero searches till February 2017. And then the follows a huge exponential echelon curve, from zero to peak high. Most of the searches popped up from English speaking countries the list stretches from, almost all North America from the west consisting The US, Canada and other countries, it follows to mid to England, Scotland and few other and in south east to just India and far east to Philippines while also down to Australia.

Fidget Spinners on Amazon

No better place to buy these toys than Amazon itself. Though there are sites which are solely dedicated to fidget spinners, but Amazon is kind of safety guarantee sort and you know you won’t be conned. So just tap on that Amazon Shopping app or visit their desktop site and start shopping. Just to keep it easy going for you read below some helpful guide through almost 72k products.

Yes, Amazon has 72k products under Fidget Spinners and growing day by day. It offers you almost 62 different types of fidget spinners which are classified on the basis of various aspects some of them being, number of wings (either 2 and 3+), time of spin (from 60 seconds to 600 seconds), make of material (metal mostly brass, stainless steel and aluminum or plastic fiber 3D printed), type of make (metal or handcrafted wooden body) et cetera.

The price range is as low as USD1 to a highest of USD600 with different varieties covering various aspects. It also has a multipack of fidget spinners and its accessories on a hefty mark of USD3000. It can be for kids and adults as well. If you are buying to satisfy the needs of your kid buy the USD1 to USD4 ones and make sure you buy them in a large quantity, it will save up the shipping price and all the problems of losing some while playing as well don’t trouble as much.

So that was all that you need to know about Fidget Spinners. What are its benefits you ask? Well it is believed that it is a stress buster, and also relieves people suffering from autism and if your hands can’t keep it to themselves on various occasion it will surely be a handy tool. Till then keep fidgeting. Ciao.