Fidget Spinners

Kroma Fidget SpinnerIf you are social media website geek, you would have come across the term fidget spinner more often than once. This toy has not only been dominating the social websites but also e-commerce websites such as Amazon have concluded that in the recent few weeks, fidget spinners have been one of the highly demanded and sold out products of all. Specifically, for releasing stress and anxiety, it is now become a trend and is often sold in the toy section. From 5-year olds to 50 or more, this device is caught the fancy of every person alike.

History of Fidget Spinners

What many people do not know is the fact that fidget spinners were first invented in the year 1993. It has become popular only in 2017. Initially, it was sold under health benefits as it acts as a form of release instrument that helps channel one’s stress levels or nervousness into the toy and distract us in the process. This theory is highly debatable even today due to its overly addictive nature. Initially, the credit for this invention is given to Catherine Hettinger who was a chemical engineer but decided to come up with this calming, stress relieving toy when she noticed young school boys throwing pebbles at Israeli soldiers. Currently, the inventor is said to be Scott McCoskery who claims to have invented it in 2014 with metal blades to keep a check on his fidgeting during meetings. He slowly started selling these online and later many other brands started making their own versions of it which have caught on slowly in 2017.

What is it?

Copper Fidget SpinnerA basic simple fidget spinner has a bearing in the center which is made out of steel or ceramic surrounded by two or three prongs which freely rotate along the circular pad. These spinners can be made out of any material of choice, i.e. brass, titanium, copper, plastic, aluminum, and stainless steel. You are supposed to hold the center pad without touching the prongs and let it spin. There are additional features that are newly coming up in many found online like the increase in spinning time, the noise or the vibration.

Are There Any Health Benefits Of Fidget Spinners?

Other than the ‘fun’ factor that most of the people buy it for, the main reason for its invention was for medical purposes. Due to the dynamics of popularity, the title under which it is being sold, changed from health instrument to simply, toy section. Many studies have been done to show the various benefits on people suffering from autism, ADHD, or anxiety. The toy by itself works as a contradiction i.e. it helps the person from getting focused at the same time relieves stress by effectively distracting a person. This diversified aspect of the toy is what makes it so popular. Even though research had been conducted many years ago, many scientists claim that no such research has been done and the conclusions were drawn by teachers who gave this toy to autistic children and saw a drastic change in their behavioral aspect. This whole aspect is dubious yet a new study by Taylor Klaus who is the co-founder of Impact ADHD state that, during a session, the kids were each given a fidget spinner and while some showed some noticeable attention and focus, others found it distracting. This is another reason why the result of this toy is still uncertain. It does not work for everyone and in some cases, may have the opposite effect, causing addiction and lack of attention.

Current situation

The main question that arises is, how did this small toy become so popular? This answer lies in online video sharing websites like YouTube and discussion forums like Reddit. What started as a tiny ‘fad’ of uploading videos of people doing tricks with a spinning toy created a global influence with more and more people buying this toy and it bagged an entry into popular culture. Another reason for its immense popularity is that it’s inexpensive, simple to use, and its variety. Seeing an opportunity, application developers created a fidget spinning application which instantly gained more than 6 million downloads within the first two weeks of it being released on the app store.  Also in the recent months, fidget spinner has had the most number of Google searches and discussions to whether it is useful or not. Like many fads including the ‘dab’, and flipping the water bottle, similarly, this too will outgrow its interest amongst the masses with time.


This spinner device has one major disadvantage and that is the fact that it is highly distracting which is causing a lot of problems for the teachers in several schools who are complaining about this toy having adverse effects on a child’s ability to focus on academics. On the other hand, there are many children who may have health issues and will need it. In these cases, there should be several rules set beforehand. There should be an understanding between the teacher and the student using it, also the usage should be kept scheduled with supervision. Some schools allow the use in an inconspicuous manner to get them to concentrate better. In conclusion, fidget spinners can rid you of annoying habits like pen clicking and act as a stress buster during anxiety only if used in a controlled manner. Going overboard with anything will later prove to be bad hence, a controlled usage is always advisable. Moreover, it is advisable that you use the right kind of products. Fidget spinners are available in most of the stores and online. On the off hand, the product is suggested for fun only for kids above certain age as the risk of kids choking the tiny parts present in the fidget spinners pose as a huge concern. So, ensure kids who are below certain age do not touch or use it, if by chance you have the product in your home. The reports say that the children tend to choke on part